9 Sketch Plugins To Improve Your Workflow

Check out these super helpful Sketch Plugins! Improve your workflow and save time with these tested and expertly curated Sketch Plugins. 

#1 Spell Checker

Ever wonder why design programs don’t have spellcheck built in? I know I do. Lucky for us, someone on the internet created this very useful Sketch Plugin that keeps your mockup copy error-free. Check it out here.

Spell Checker

#2 One of the Best Sketch Plugins for Easy Handoff: Zeplin

This is one of the most useful plugins/tools I use in my design workflow. It’s a handoff tool that does an excellent job of smoothing out all the typical wrinkles you’ll encounter handing your designs off to developers.  It’s taken out %90 of the work on my end when it comes to creating style guides. It does # that make my life infinitely easier:

Zeplin Style Guide

  • Pulls the document colors, intuitively names them
  • Pulls all the document text styles
  • Creates decent code snippets for the styles

As long as a text style or color is defined in the source file, it’ll show up in Zeplin’s pre-generated style guide.

Zeplin Code Snippets

When you go into a screen within the mockup, it does a few more very useful things:

  • Gives you a Git-Style view of updates made to each screen. You can go back in time and see how your design progressed, and it even allows you to add “Commit Messages” to each iteration.
  • Point-And-Click exports.  Never again will you need to send a zip file of all of your assets. As long as you’ve sliced out your assets, anyone who’s added to the project can click on them directly in the mockup, and download whatever file type they need.
  • Spacing. Zeplin allows you to select any element within a mockup and view its dimensions, and spacing relative to other elements.
  • Code Snippets. If you click on an element in Zeplin, you’ll get a pretty reliable code snippet of the styles of that element. This is especially useful for gradients, drop shadows and text styles.

Zeplin Mesurments

#3 Sketch Material

This super awesome plugin allows you to create Material UI assets on the fly. It’s got a powerful library of assets that you can quickly and easily insert into your projects. This plugin is more of a design framework than a simple collection of UI elements.

Sketch Material

#4 Align Artboards 

Organizing artboards by hand is tedious and your time is best spent elsewhere. This plugin allows you to organize all of your artboards in an instant. You’ve even got four different configurations to choose from and they all have keyboard shortcuts!

This is especially useful if you’re working with a set of icons or a larger project.

Note: The symbol organizer works alphanumerically so it’ll organize your artboards by how you name them. You’ll want to decide on a naming schema that makes sense but also puts your artboards in the desired order.

I found that putting a number in front of my artboard names helps. Here’s the names of the artboards in the above example as context:

Each “/” creates a new level of dichotomy that your artboards can be organized into.

#5 Symbol Instance Renamer

Sometimes you’ll want to rename a symbol. The only problem is that all of the instances of that symbol won’t be automatically renamed when you do. That’s where this plugin comes in handy.

If you rename a symbol, it has a bunch of useful options for renaming symbols in all instances across a project.

#6 GuideGuide

Do you use guides in sketch? Do you hate having to reset those guides for every single artboard? Then this is the plugin for you.

This plugin allows you to create guide presets, and automatically add those guides to any artboard.

#7 Unsplasher

Do you love unsplash? Do you use unsplash images in your designs? This plugin lets you import images as backgrounds directly in sketch. You can randomize it or you can import them from a specific collection.

#8 Anima Toolkit

Anima does a lot. It adds:

  • Better resizing features
  • Better prototyping
  • Code Exports
  • Padding To Components
  • The ability to preview designs in-browser.

It’s a robust tool and it’s got a lot of useful stuff.

#9 WakaTime

This plugin is great for anyone who needs to track their time. It automatically tracks the time you spend on each project and will even recognize what files belong to a given project by how you name your files. It’s a tool that goes far beyond just Sketch.