UI Designer Starter Kit: 5 Awesome Free Design Resources

Are you an aspiring designer looking for some super cool free design resources? If the answer is yes, then this is the article for you! Check out these five free things that’ll jumpstart your dive into the design world!

#1 Need A Design Platform?

Start out with Adobe XD. It’s free, and it’s great starter tool for design & prototyping.

free design resources adobe xd

#2 Need Icons? Need Them For Free?

free design resources icons


Try Flat Icon. They have tons of free, high-quality vector icons that you can download and use in any design.

#3 Need Some Cool Fonts?

Check out Google Fonts. You can get a comprehensive, & professional library of fonts that are free to download and use. 
free design resources fonts

#4 Need Some Color Pallet Inspiration? free design resources color pallets

Coolors is a free, fast, and easy to use color generator.

#5 Need Some Bitchen’ High-Res Royalty-Free Sock Photos?

Look no further than Unsplash. These photos are professional, high-res and absolutely beautiful. You can download as many as you want, and use them for whatever you want.

free design resources stock photos

Free Design Resources Are Pretty Cool

If you know any aspiring designers, send them this list! If you are an aspiring designer, good luck!

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