How To Create A Custom Brush In Photoshop CC

Ever wonder how to create a custom brush in Photoshop (like the pros do) with any image you want? We’ll show you how!

Step 1 [Create a New Document]

Screenshot of new photoshop file parameters
New photoshop file parameters

First you’ll need to open up Photoshop and create a new file. You can use any dimensions you want for this tutorial, but we’ll be using 300X300 just to keep things simple.

Step 2 [Create the Look of Your Custom Brush]

Screenshot of new photoshop file
New photoshop file
Screenshot of how to find the custom shape tool in photoshop
How to find the custom shape tool
Screenshot of custom shape options in photoshop
Custom shape options in photoshop
Screenshot of how to view all custom shape options in photoshop
All custom shape options
Screenshot of star shape in photoshop
Star Shape Selected
Screenshot of custom brush shape in photoshop
Custom brush shape

Once you have your new blank document open, it’s time to decide what you want your brush to look like. You can make any shape you want, so use your creativity! For my brush, I’ll use the shapes tool to draw some stars. On the left hand tool bar, you’ll find the shapes tool. We’re going to click on custom shapes. Once you’ve clicked on custom shapes, go to the top toolbar, and select the shape you want to use. *****Note: You do not have to use shapes to create brushes, you can use any image you want, but single color images on a white background usually give the best results. To get more shapes, you can click the settings icon on the right of your shapes menu, and choose from a list of shape categories.   Now that I’ve got the shapes I want to use, we can begin to make our brush. Here I’ve added a bunch of stars. This is going to be my new custom brush.

Step 3 [ Merge Your Layers ]

Screenshot of selected layers in photoshop
Selected Layers

Now that you know what you want your brush to look like, we can turn this image into a custom brush. First hold down the shift key to select all of the layers (excluding your background) and place them into a group. custom brush Next, right click on your group and select “merge group” custom brush Your group is now one singular layer. custom brush  

Step 4 [ Define Your Custom Brush ]

To create your brush, make sure you have the layer you want your brush to be selected, and go into edit, and click “Define Brush Preset . . . ” custom brush And then name your new brush. custom brush  

Step 5 [ Test Out Your New Custom Brush ]

Screenshot of custom photoshop brush example
Screenshot of custom photoshop brush example

Now that you’ve created your very own custom brush, it’s time to test it out. Go create a new file, select the brush tool, and see how it looks. custom brush Congratulations! You now know how to make a custom photoshop brush! Need some brush making inspiration? Want some free Photoshop Brushes? Check out Brush Lovers!

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